NSW Labor has unveiled its plan to make it easier for renters to own pets across the state with a new application process.

Currently, landlords are able to decline a tenant’s request for a pet for no specific reason and are under no timeframe to consider the request.

Chriss Minns, NSW Labor Leader, stated that if Labor are elected on 23 March, renters will be able to complete a pet request form, with owners required to make a decision within 21 days. If the owner fails to respond in the timeframe, the pet request will be automatically approved.

 “Just because a person lives in a rental, it doesn’t mean they can’t make it a home, and for so many people renting across our state that includes a family pet.”

While there is no guarantee renters will be granted permission, the landlord will at least have to provide a reason for their refusal of the request.

“Under NSW Labor the rules will be simpler and fairer for both renters and owners. Labor’s plan will streamline the process and set a firm deadline so that renters can have more certainty.”

With roughly 70 per cent of Australians now owning a pet, and one third of NSW residents living in rented properties, competition for pet friendly rentals is fierce and can lead to pets being given up to shelters or abandoned.

Courtney Houssos, NSW Shadow Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation, said these changes will modernise NSW rental rules and bring the state in line with most other states where this has worked well.

“The simplification of this process balances both the rights of renters and owners. Renters have a clear and transparent process to apply to have a pet, while owners can still outline protections for their property, or specific grounds for refusing.”  

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