Results from PharmAust’s canine cancer trials has shown positive progress in the clinical trials of its primary drug candidate Monepantel (MPL).

The trials indicate that a combination of MPL and standard of care can more than double life expectancy of dogs, and PharmAust are endeavouring to repurpose MPL as a safe and effective cancer treatment without the associated side effects of chemotherapy.

With MPL already approved for veterinary use for a different indication in food-chain animals, veterinary trials centres have been set up in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States to evaluate the anti-cancer benefit of MPL in dogs newly diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma and have not received any previous cancer treatment.

Dr Kim Agnew, Principal Investigator of the trial, said During Phase 2a and Phase 2b trials MPL demonstrated effective anti-cancer activity and minimal side effects, which supports continued development into Phase 3 registration trials.

“The combination of MPL with prednisolone, which has provided average extension of survival to these pet dogs of 16-24 weeks, more than doubles the life expectancy than standard of care (palliative steroid therapy) that typically provides for six-eight-week survival in association with a range of adverse events. Pet dogs treated during and after the trial at this optimum level experienced a high quality of life with minimum adverse events.”

PharmAust is in confidential exploratory discussions with a leading global pharmaceutical company to co-develop and commercialise MPL for the treatment of veterinary cancers.

“The commercial target is to develop and partner a product that supersedes the current standard of care (prednisolone) and provides a canine lymphoma treatment option that can be administered daily by the owner and enabling excellent quality of life for the dog during treatment.”

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