While the dog might be Australia’s most popular pet, the interest in reptiles is growing, and now accounts for 14 per cent of the nation’s pets.

The PETstock 2022 Pet Parent Report revealed the growing trend, with the reptiles and small animal category now as equally as popular as birds at 14 per cent. Other small animals include chickens, turtles, goats, and frogs, with the owners of these animals 62 per cent more likely to have over one pet.

Dr Kate Mornement, Animal Behaviourist, said smaller pets are appealing for those who live in urban areas with less space.

“Their popularity may be because they are pets which children can more easily manage and care for, giving them the experience of autonomy and greater responsibility.

“Reptiles and birds can have wonderful personalities and are so interesting to watch. They also provide many of the benefits larger pets provide such as companionship and a connection to the natural world.”

Dion Collard, Marketing Manager at PETstock, said there is a trend towards adopting or rehoming pets with more than two of every five pets being adopted.

“People are more open to adopting rescue pets identified as most in need too, including older dogs, bonded pairs or cats.

“Annual initiatives with organisations including our charity foundation and local rescue groups across the country is proving successful in shifting the bias around pet adoption which is fantastic to see and a cause we remain committed to.”

The adoption trend differs between dogs and cats with 58 per cent of dogs more likely to bought from a breeder, while 61 per cent of cats are rescued or rehomed.

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