The second round of the Royal Canin Pro Experts Forum, held earlier this month, brought together international pet development experts to discuss responsible breeding and pet ownership.

Cécile Coutens, Global Royal Canin President, said breeders play a critical role in a dogs’ development as they are responsible for giving them a healthy start to life, laying the foundation for future health outcomes. 

“Breeders lay the foundations of a dog’s future. They play a crucial role in the pet care ecosystem as they are in direct contact with newborns and their future owners.

“Therefore, it’s our mission to support them to keep nurturing a sustainable practice, founded on responsible breeding and ownership,” she said.

The virtual event was translated into six languages to accommodate 4,500 guests from over 70 countries, including leading experts in pet development, Professor Sylvie Chastant, Dr Amélie Mugnier, Dr Virginie Gaillard, Professor Alexander J. German, Javier Cedillo-Espin and Founder of Pet Talk, Dr Jon Bowen. 

Hosted in partnership with Fédération Cynologique Internationale, the two-day event covered weight monitoring, healthy growth, how pet owner profiles affect dog behaviour, and how dog breeders can effectively communicate with new dog owners. 

Stressing the need to give puppies the best possible start in life, Dr Jon Bowen, Founder of Pet Talk, noted the crucial role breeders play in successful puppy adoption. 

He said breeders need to “create awareness in new puppy owners” of all the work they have put in “to set puppies on the right track.” He pointed to studies from the UK and Australia showing the most common cause of death in dogs under three relates to behavioural issues, resulting in either euthanasia or abandonment. 

Closing the event with a roundtable Q&A, Emmanuelle Louvet, Royal Canin Global Pro Sales and Marketing Director, noted the internet’s role as an amazing but sometimes overwhelming resource, praising the Royal Canin Royal Start digital tool that helps breeders make a meaningful connection with pet owners.  

The event will be available at until the end of the year. 

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