Melbourne-based animal rescue shelter Second Chance Animal Rescue has announced a live-stream fundraising event to support rescuing and rehoming pets.

The event will take place from 10am on Friday 29 October and will involve the staff of Second Chance taking part in ‘forfeit challenges’ in return for donations.

Marisa Debattista, Second Chance CEO, said they initially planned to host a ‘Howl-o-ween’ ball, but those plans were scuppered by COVID restrictions.

“Due to restrictions we’ve had to put the Howl-o-ween ball on hold until February net year, so instead we’ve created a fun forfeit live stream event where myself and my team will take part in ghoulish forfeits for donations. We’ll do anything for the animals here!”

The challenges involve Debattista and staff eating ‘cat litter’ cake for a $10 donation, eating lunch from a dog bowl for $30, being walked down the street like a dog for $100, having a bucket of dog food poured on their head for $250, getting hydro bathed in the grooming room in for $300, and for $500 a staff member will sleep overnight in a haunted dog kennel.

Debattista said the shelter is currently full of homeless animals and the funds will be used towards helping those pets.

“Second Chance focus on rescuing and rehoming pets in need and supporting pet owners in the community who cannot afford to look after their pets by offering pet food, medical care and vaccinations. All of this support doesn’t come cheap and with COVID lockdowns, forced closures and a drop in donations, times have got even tougher.”