The South Australian Government has announced exemptions allowing all stores to trade on Australia Day, regardless of their size or location.

Paul Zahra, Australian Retail Association (ARA) CEO, welcomed the exemptions, stating they are a boost for suburban retailers and consumers can now shop locally on 26 January.

“This gives consumers the option to shop locally, close to their homes – something that would normally be off limits on public holidays.

“Whilst we welcome the exemptions for Australia Day, it once again highlights the need for long-lasting reform to the state’s trading hours regime.”

Hon. Rob Lucas, South Australian Treasurer, said he granted the special exemptions so that if shoppers want to shop, traders want to trade, and workers want to work they should have the opportunity to do so in their local community.

“With Omicron prevalent in the community, this decision will assist social distancing and also allow families to shop close to their homes without having to travel.”