With over 3,000 jobs expected to be added to the pet grooming sector before 2026, TAFE NSW is helping deliver these skilled workers.

Through its Certificate III in Animal Care Services (Pet Grooming), TAFE NSW is helping to cater to the nation’s rising pet population, which currently stands at around 28.7 million.

Erica Steppat, Animal Studies Head Teacher at TAFE NSW, said with the increase in demand for pet groomers, TAFE NSW’s Certificate III in Animal Care Service (Pet Grooming) is delivering a pipeline of skilled workers to meet that need.

“The strength of this course is that it provides students with both the practical skills they need to successfully groom animals, and the knowledge to enable and empower them to launch their own business if they wish.”

Heather Lamy and Elise Smith, both graduates of the course, have since established their own thriving pet grooming business together.

“I really enjoyed studying at TAFE NSW, as it gave me the practical skills I needed to successfully groom different types of animals and understand the spectrum of animal behaviour. This helped me to move forward with confidence knowing that I had a strong knowledge base.

“My TAFE NSW course gave me peace of mind that this was the career for me. I learn better in a hands-on environment, so it was the practicals that made the biggest difference to my learning. I also gained business skills, which helped me launch my career and carve the path I wanted to take,” said Lamy.

In a full-circle situation, Lamy and Smith’s business, Spots and Brows, is now accepting TAFE NSW students for work placements to help enhance the skills of student groomers.

“I’m incredibly proud of the business we’ve built, and I love that we’re using our skills to make the lives of animals, and their owners, better.

“With the industry in need of more qualified pet groomers, I encourage anyone with an interest in animals to consider studying at TAFE NSW and joining the pet grooming industry,” said Smith.

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