The Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) has announced the launch of its new consumer face, Dogs Australia, to take a more proactive role in communicating to dog lovers nationally.

The ANKC is the coordinating body for its state member bodies, which comprise, Dogs ACT, Dogs West, Dogs Queensland, Dogs NT, Dogs NSW, Dogs SA, Dogs Tasmania, and Dogs Victoria.

Dogs Australia unites this impressive network that makes up the Dogs Australia community, which has an estimated 60,000 members (including members of its affiliated organisations).

To find out more about the launch of Dogs Australia, Pet Industry News (PIN) sat down with Hugh Gent, OAM, president of ANKC.

PIN: How will Dogs Australia help to create a more unified national industry voice? And why is this so important?

HG: As Dogs Australia we’re one unified, strong voice that brings together our Australia-wide network of existing state bodies. Together we have 32,000 members, including 11,000 knowledgeable breeders and thousands of dog advocates associated with 353 breed clubs and 484 sporting clubs across Australia.

Coming together as the unified national body of Dogs Australia is important because as a group, we celebrate the history of original pure breeds and safeguard their future through healthy and responsible breeding standards. Plus, Dogs Australia aims to grow and support its extensive dog communities across Australia.

PIN: What has been the feedback from your members?

HG: The members, who are members of the affiliated state and territory member bodies have embraced the change as illustrated by the 1,400 members who have signed up to the Dogs Australia Bush Telegraph site in the three days since it was launched; many of the members are responding to the invitation to help facilitate the launch of Dogs Australia. Members have also been telling us that the rebranding is a great initiative.

PIN: What will be the key priorities for Dogs Australia for the remainder of this year and into 2022?

HG: The launch of our Dogs Australia website – – and introducing who we are and what we do. Dogs Australia is the ‘go-to’ for all things dog – from finding the right breed for you, the right registered breeder to finding the right sport or activity for you and your dog. Dogs Australia promotes responsible dog ownership and provides support and guidance to dogs and owners all through a dog’s life.

In February 2022, we launch our Dogs Australia video series that showcases more than 180 breeds categorised into seven distinct groups (toys, terriers, gundogs, hounds, working dogs, utility, non-sporting). This helps people understand their dog’s instinct.

PIN: Can you tell me a bit about the Dogs Australia Bush Telegraph?

HG: The Dogs Australia Bush Telegraph is a Facebook group of our members across our network to share the combined resources and information of our membership groups. By joining the Bush Telegraph, Dogs Australia shares resources from the various consumer educational campaigns to the broader member community, to grow our collective brand, breeds, and clubs. Members of the Bush Telegraph can then share this information with their own communities – if we all share our messages, we’re able to reach more people.

You can join the Bush Telegraph on the Dogs Australia Facebook page.

PIN: Is there anything else you’d like to mention about Dogs Australia?

HG: We’re Australia-wide, and that no matter where people are, Dogs Australia can help and connect you with what you’re looking for – whether it’s the right breed, right breeder, or whether you’re looking for the right dog sport that suits your dog’s instinct. We love all dogs – come join us!