The Cat Protection Society of Victoria (CPSV) has launched its annual fundraising appeal from 13 May to 30 June, to establish a fund to aid cat owners in need.

The fund will be used by CPSV to provide one-off, crisis-based veterinary support to cat-owners facing financial hardship. This will ensure alternative outcomes can be avoided, such as surrender, euthanasia, or a lower quality of life for the feline.

Rachel Bitzilis, Marketing and Communications Manager at CPSV, said that in 2023 alone, the society had well over 600 cat owners needing to surrender their cat, an increase of 30 per cent compared to the year prior, with more and more of these requests being due to financial reasons.

“Each week, our team encounters more and more loving cat owners who are faced with no choice other than to surrender their cat. Cats are creatures of habit so being in a familiar environment with people they know and trust is crucial for their happiness and well-being.

“Our benevolent fund aims to provide support to devoted cat owners experiencing financial difficulties, ensuring that their beloved feline friends receive the necessary veterinary care.

“This program yields numerous benefits: cherished cats can continue to enjoy the security of their familiar surroundings, the special bond between humans and pets remains intact, and we can alleviate the strain on our shelter, which is already operating at full capacity,” said Bitzilis.

CPSV takes each scenario on a case-by-case basis, and all decisions are made in consultation with a member of the adoption shelter and a senior veterinarian.

To learn more about the initiative and to donate, visit

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