Esteemed canine behaviourist and international dog trainer Val Bonney has released a series of books to help owners become the most knowledgeable pup parent possible.

Bonney, the Founder of Bonnies Dog Obedience and Puppy School, has more than 50 years’ experience with training, obedience, agility, and much more, and is considered one of Australia’s leading dog trainers.

The books, Who’s the Boss?, Are you still the boss?, and Hey baby – Who’s the boss?, are a definitive guide for dog owners at different stages in their life, whether they own one dog, multiple dogs, or have just had a baby.

The first, Who’s the Boss?, gives owners a total understanding of what makes a dog tick. Bonney explains that dogs are not like humans. They don’t walk, talk, or think like people. It is important to understand and learn about the dog to know how it thinks and reacts. It is not enough to just have a dog and look after it, knowledge will provide owners with the best companion they could ever possibly have.

For multiple dog owners, Are you still the boss?, covers all topics in the first book, plus learning how to differentiate between the types of aggression that dogs have and best treat and maintain the role owners need to have when living with a pack of dogs.

Finally, for owners who have just had a baby or are have fallen pregnant, Hey baby – Who’s the boss?, examines how to educate the dog before the baby arrives in order to have it totally adjusted to how life will be different before the baby comes home. No more pushing the dog away or being irritated by its actions, Bonney teaches owners how to live in harmony with dog and baby.

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Val Bonney

Canine Behaviourist/International trainer : Author:Senior Judge Obedience: Speciality Judge.  Judge “Dances with Dogs”.  Member Dogs Qld. Member U.K.Dog trainers Assoc. Member Dog Trainers Assoc. Aust.  Life member of “Executive Empire Who’s Who”.


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