Amazon Australia has opened a dog playground on the roof of its corporate office on Park Street, Sydney, as part of its Dogs at Work (DAW) program.

The state-of-the-art facilities were designed in consultation with experts and Amazon dog owners and feature lush, bright green grass in an open plan area, providing room for pups to roam, sniff, play, and go to the bathroom. The playground is secured by high fencing.

Georgia Mitchell, Senior Manager of Workplace Experience at Amazon Australia, said they’re so proud of their DAW program, they’ve seen a huge uptake in the number of registrations and are constantly looking at ways to improve the overall experience.

“Creating zones that are dog-friendly and accessible means our employees can easily pop up to the playground and their pups can have a sniff and a play. Not only is this great for dogs but it also encourages our employees to step away from their desk, enjoy some fresh air, and get a walk in.”

Clover Moore AO, Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney, was at the opening of the playground and is a strong advocate for creating a pet-friendly city and supports the integration of pets into more aspects of daily life. 

“We know pets bring many mental and physical health benefits. They’re vital companions and much-loved members of the family.

“Particularly in the inner city where people don’t have big backyards to let pets roam during the day, flexible and inclusive policies that welcome pets into the workplace are a huge help. The opening of Amazon Australia’s Dog Playground in Sydney is an exciting innovation and an example I hope other companies follow, helping make our city as furry friend friendly as possible!”

Research commissioned by Amazon Australia, found that 69 per cent of Australin dog owners say they would love to bring their furry friend to the office; however, 89 per cent have concerns about fully embracing the concept, with the workplace not being set up for dogs at 58 per cent being the most common.

“Our research found that 80 per cent of workplaces in Australia don’t allow dogs which is a shame when you look at the broader workplace benefits. Our dog playground provides a relaxed environment where our Amazonians can catch up and connect with one another. We know that those chance meetings and informal interactions go far beyond in strengthening social bonds for the team. Dogs at work have positive impacts on productivity, innovation, and collaboration, all of which we are focused on enhancing through the workplace experiences we create,” said Mitchell.

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