Tickets for IndePet’s International Women’s Day event on Wednesday 6 March at Captain Melville, Melbourne, are selling fast.

The event will celebrate and recognise the achievements and innovations that the incredible women in the pet industry have made while enjoying an afternoon of canapes, drinks, and networking.

Alongside keynote speaker Dr Katrina Warren, attendees will hear from a panel including Julie Dillon (CEO Animal Care, EBOS Group), Chelsea Parkinson (Optimo CEO), Kylie Kane (100% Pets Owner), Diana Scott (Founder Frontier Pets), and Jessica Gibbons (La Doggie Vita Owner).

Dillon said she is looking forward to the discussion and will be sharing some of her own personal experiences, including challenges, opportunities, and tips.

“The pet industry is full of wonderful, caring people.  When times get tough, our caring spirit often means we are so focused on helping others, we often don’t pay enough attention to building our own resilience.”

Gibbons expressed her excitement to speak, as it gives her the opportunity to share her story and journey in the pet industry as a woman, and she hopes that it will inspire others to not only participate but to push boundaries and be heard.

“If I look at the pet space generally over the past 10 years, it has come such a long way in terms of female involvement, however, some of the iconic female business owners, managers and participators have been our biggest advocates and I am humbled by their contributions and mentoring. Their experience and knowledge extend well beyond my 10 years, and I wouldn’t have had the journey I have had without them.”

Scott explained that the vast majority of customers at Frontier Pets are women and that women are also the main carers of their companion animals and the ones who feed them.

“It is so fitting then, that the contribution that women make in the pet industry be recognised. It’s women leading the charge on making pet products with a care and respect that goes beyond the just satisfactory. We are making them for ourselves and for people just like us.  What a wonderful circular path of excellence we have created.”

The event kicks off at 2pm on Wednesday, March 2024 at Captain Melville in Melbourne. Tickets are available here.

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