Advanced Pet Care of Australia has pushed the deadline for its factory rebuild, after a devastating fire, to late June 2024.

The company, known for its commitment to scientific excellence behind their brands, said that unforeseen setbacks have seen the rebuild of their production facility, which was devastated by a fire on June 19, 2023, pushed back to later this year.

Scott Shephard, National Sales Manager at Advanced Pet Care of Australia, said they understand the impact that this delay has had on their customers and their pets.

“As a team, we are deeply passionate about providing scientific and premium food that enhances the quality of life for pets worldwide. We empathise with the disappointment this news may bring, but we want to assure our valued customers that we are fully committed to rebuilding and resupplying our brands as soon as possible while maintaining our manufacturing operations here in Australia.”

Shephard also expressed concern for their Australian agriculture partners, who provide the ingredients for their formulations.

“Our partnerships with Australian farmers are integral to our commitment to quality. We deeply regret any ramifications our temporary setback may have on them. To minimise the impact, we have made arrangements with some partners to sustain their operations during this period of disruption. Additionally, all staff, including myself, have been retained and upskilled during the downtime to ensure we have a dedicated, highly skilled, and passionate team ready when we resume operations.”

To align with Advanced Pet Care of Australia’s commitment to transparency, a detailed timeline has been established to keep all stakeholders, including staff, customers, business partners, and distributors, informed of the progress of the rebuild.

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