Australian veterinary tech company Vedi has secured $3 million in funding to expand their world-first medical record technology in Australia and the UK.

The Perth start-up secured the funding from two international investors – MSD Animal Health, a division of Merck & Co., and Companion Fund – and will use the funds to expand their universal medical record technology and smart data collection tools into something similar to My Health Record, but for pets.

This will enable veterinarians to access pet health records via the animal’s microchip, making their job more effective and efficient.

Dr Steve Joslyn, CEO of Vedi, said Vedi is radically improving the quality and accessibility of veterinary health data and creating a smarter, connected healthcare system.

“Vets have been anticipating the move to modern, digitised veterinary care for so long. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to become the trusted medical record that connects different veterinary providers so animals can access the best quality care anytime, anywhere.”

Vedi medical records will save time for vets, as they will now be able to register a microchip, record vaccinations or submit pathology work in seconds.

“These kinds of processes previously required time-consuming admin like filling out forms, writing on samples or calling for a courier – with Vedi, they can be done at the touch of a button,” said Dr Joslyn.

Cindy Cole, Technical Partner at Companion Fund, said as a fun dedicated to the advancement of pet health, they see what Vedi is building as very compelling.

“By improving the accuracy of healthcare data, and allowing faster access, Vedi can dramatically enhance the efficiency and quality of the medical care delivered to our pets.” 

Dr Joslyn said in the long-term, the prospects of Vedi are even more exciting.

“Collecting better quality health data over an animal’s lifetime will open the doors to research opportunities, biosecurity programs and novel lifesaving treatments.

“Vedi means that soon animals and vets will have a better connected, streamlined healthcare system than the human world.”  

Oleksiy Nagorny, Lead of Companion Animal Technology Solutions at MSD Animal Health, said they have supported Vedi from the early stages of their journey.

“We look forward to the growth and development of Vedi’s microchip-enabled health record technology, which can bring more efficiency and accuracy in the management of health records to the veterinary community, while positively impacting the health and well-being of pets.”

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