The Australian Reptile Park has partnered with conservation organisation Aussie Ark to host Conservation Month during March.

The month will focus on raising awareness for the ongoing protection, breeding, and rewilding of some Australia and the world’s most endangered and threatened species.

Hayley Shute, Conservation Manager, said Australia has the worst mammal extinction rate of any country in the world so it is important to take action and help save these species.

“Promotions like Conservation Month help us spread our message across the world to help save wildlife and every single person we educate is a new advocate of our endangered wildlife.”

Between Aussie Ark and the Australian Reptile Park, species such as the Tasmanian Devil, Koala, and Komodo Dragons are thriving through breeding programs that build insurance populations, creating a long-term future for the species.

Dean Reid, Operations Manager at Aussie Ark, said he is beyond excited to share his love for native wildlife with all their supporters.

“This is an amazing opportunity for Aussie Ark and our partners the Australian Reptile Park, to come together and show the importance of conservation to the world.”

Amongst various conservation focussed activities, for the first time ever guests will be able to participate in feeding the Hunter River Turtles. There will also be a twist to the Tasmanian Devil show, with the public able to witness a Devil social feed, demonstrating the incredible strength of their jaws.

An online raffle available to people from all over the world will be run, with prizes including a two-night stay at Devils Retreat in Barrington Tops, a behind the scenes tour of the Australian Reptile Park, and more.

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