The Australian War Animal Organisation (AWAMO) is sending volunteers to Ukraine to help save animals impacted by war and is seeking donations to help with its efforts.

Animals in the Ukraine are being displaced as their owners flee the conflict zone into Poland at a staggering rate. Food and medications are hard to find even once they finally reach safety.

AWAMO have a shipping container filled with food, medication and winter supplies arriving shortly in Poland. The Polish Embassy in Australia has directed AWAMO to several Polish NGOs to partner with who are delivering aid across the Ukraine to animals impacted by the invasion of Russia into the Ukraine.

AWAMO was catapulted into action after receiving the distressing news that animals are starving and dying in zoos in Ukraine including Bear Sanctuaries in the southern region as a result of the war. AWAMO is desperate to get emergency aid to these locations.

In addition to the container about to land in Poland, AWAMO will be putting feet on the ground sending two volunteer AWAMO personnel to purchase fodder, fresh food and other essentials and ensure this emergency aid is delivered to where it’s needed most.

Nigel Allsopp is the founder and president of AWAMO, he served in the military a has a distinguished career in the police service. He is one of the volunteers who will be boots on the ground in Ukraine and coordinating emergency aid and vital supplies.

AWAMO have been coordinating with the Ukrainian embassy here in Australia to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to present a war animal medal to a bomb-sniffing Jack Russell terrier named Patron and his handler.

AWAMO is asking Australians to donate money to help deliver these vital supplies to displaced pets, zoo animals and animals in sanctuaries who are dying horrific deaths as a result of the war.


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