Cat litter brand Breeder’s Choice, produced by FibreCycle, has partnered with founder of telehealth service VetChat Dr. Claire Jenkins for a series of educational videos.

The videos, featuring Dr. Jenkins and a bearded man in a ginger cat costume, are an informative and entertaining look at the challenges people may face when getting a new kitten or even with their current cat.

Dr. Jenkins hopes the videos can provide important information to cat or kitten owners.

“With the Australian kitten season underway and continuing into the warmer months, I’m really excited to be partnering with Breeder’s Choice to help educate and inspire current and prospective cat lovers through our new video content series. There are many factors when it comes to keeping your new kitten or cat happy and healthy, and we hope Australians feel inspired and have a laugh when learning from these videos,” said Dr. Jenkins.

Steve Adams, Managing Director of FibreCycle, echoed those sentiments: “Literally bringing alive our brand icon in the ginger kitten, the educational videos very much flip the humanisation of pets trend on its head and whilst they both are an entertaining and engaging resource, they very much provide the education needed for first time cat owners.”

The choice to work alongside Breeder’s Choice was an easy one for Dr. Jenkins who, aside from personally using Breeder’s Choice litter for over 16 years, saw an alignment between VetChat and the Breeder’s Choice values of doing better for people, pets and the planet.

Likewise, the decision to partner with Dr. Jenkins was equally as easy for Breeder’s Choice, said Adams.

“Claire is this amazingly charismatic individual who I think has a really great connection with consumers. We love her style and how she presents and she’s just incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about the pet industry.

“The second thing we looked at was Claire’s venture with VetChat and it was really aligned to our purpose of people, pet and planet. So when she said she would be really interested to teach our product, which she historically always used, it was just a really lovely symbiosis,” said Adams.

The videos are available to view through Breeder’s Choice YouTube, Facebook and Instagram platforms.