There are only two types of cats in this world… the ones who are social, and the ones who are not, and it is important to know your cat and what they are comfortable with.

Unlike dogs, cats have a higher tendency to want to stay to themselves, and some families may find that their cat tends to be one that will keep to themselves and in some cases even prefer not to be handled. This does not mean that they can’t be a wonderful companion and member of the family.

Regardless of how social or friendly your feline is, they all need enrichment of some sort. They may not necessarily want to play, but having you focus on them for some special one-one-one time is especially important to their mental wellbeing. Now, if you have a feline who prefers their own company, you are probably thinking to yourself yeah right, my cat doesn’t do one-on-one time!

Here is the thing – enrichment is whatever your pet needs, because let’s face it, they are the boss. If your cat will not play, or doesn’t like to be held or even patted, there are still things that you can do that will add enrichment to their daily lives.

Give them some time exploring a different room of the house where they don’t usually go or bring them into your home office space while you are doing some emails and let them sit in your presence for company. Give them an activity to do in their own room or space or use a treat ball or toys to let them explore in their own time. Talk to them! Having a conversation with your cat might sound crazy, but even those who prefer minimal human interaction of the physical kind still need to know that you are there, and you love them.

On the other hand, some cats are extremely social and affectionate, and love to play. These cats will love to spend time with you, curl up on your couch with you while you watch a movie, sleep on your desk while you work, or follow you around the house all day long. Enrichment is easy for these felines, because they will thrive on your company and attention.

Overall, enrichment of any kind will improve their state of mind and keep your kitty happy and healthy for many years.

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