One day while feeding her dogs, Diana Scott thought to herself she should be just as conscious about the food they are eating as she is about her own food choices.

After months of hand preparing dog meals, Scott consulted with vet and animal nutritionist Dr Kathy Cornack and created completely balanced pet food, using only 100 per cent ethically sourced materials that is also convenient, and Frontier Pets was born.

“Our food contains only free-range, organic produce and is freeze-dried. This is a process that extracts the water from the wet, raw ingredients. The result is a dry food that is extremely shelf stable. When you feed, you add water back into the dry ingredients to reconstitute it to its raw form. So it’s exactly like feeding raw, without any of the hassles.”

Scott lists her proudest achievement as the moment she put the first pellets of dry food into a Frontier Pets printed bag, and even marked the moment with a picture.

“There were literally years of work to get to that point. Sourcing supply, developing, and testing recipes, making sure we were AAFCO and Australian Standards compliant, designing logos and bags and websites. But this moment – the one where I could see, smell, and feel the product – the result of years of work. That made me proud.”

Frontier Pets has no plans to slow down and intend on releasing a cat food range and increase its current treat range very soon.

“We are in the process of building larger premises to cater for our extraordinary growth.  And from a personal perspective, I have engaged a new CEO, who will take over my role in that capacity, freeing me up to do other things, and I may, just may, get a holiday for the first time in six years.”   

Now as a director at the PIAA, Scott hopes to be able to have a greater impact on the regulation of the industry and contribute to best practice, from both a supplier and consumer perspective.

“The impact I want to leave on the industry is that I have contributed in some way toward an industry that people – consumers and suppliers – can have faith in. That regulations are in place to protect people and their pets. That the industry, represented by the PIAA, is something that people turn to for truth, balance, and support. I want to be part of building that.”

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