Former Chief Science Officer at the RSPCA, Dr Bidda Jones AM recently co-founded the Australian Alliance for Animals, a national charity leading a strategic alliance of Australia’s key animal protection organisations to create systemic change for animals, where she works as Director of Strategy.

Dr Jones said one of the Alliance’s key policy asks for a phase-out of live sheep exports in the next three years.

“I have one clear goal in all my work, and that’s to advocate for the interests of animals. In terms of impact, I hope I’ve helped others in the pet industry put the interests of companion animals first, or at the very least, to better understand what those interests are and how best to meet them.”

Always harbouring a fascination with animal behaviour, this led Dr Jones to train to train as a zoologist.

“After working with animals in a research setting, I realised my real calling was in animal welfare – and I was lucky enough to land a job with the RSPCA which combined my science background with the opportunity to advocate for better treatment of companion and other animals.”

During her time at RSPCA Australia, Dr Jones accomplished a fair amount but lists her most proud achievement as establishing the organisation as the leading source of science-based information on companion animal welfare.

“In particular, the creation of the online RSPCA Knowledgebase, which helps pet owners better understand how to ensure their pets have a good life.

“I’m also proud of the part I’ve played a part in the banning of tail docking of dogs, and in helping to improve the way in which governments manage domestic cats to improve their welfare.”

Recently named as one of Pet Industry News’ 30 Game Changers, Dr Jones said she is chuffed with the recognition.

“I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with a lot of committed and talented people along the way so my work is always very much a team effort.”

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