GapOnly’s new ‘Gap it and Go’ campaign is the first work led by Jenny Williams, PetSure’s new Chief Marketing Officer since joining the business in March 2022.

Gap it and Go is the company’s new claims experience and payment solution, which strengthens GapOnly’s commitment to pet health and product innovation in the booming pet insurance category.

The new campaign will run across social and search for three months, driving awareness of the GapOnly service and encouraging pet owners to request this new way of processing their claim next time they are at the vet.

Williams said that she’s deeply passionate about pets as well as making sure everyday Aussies understand the insurance market and how to protect themselves and their families from unexpected financial costs. 

“Taking on this leadership role at PetSure and having the opportunity to drive change, innovation, and product development within the pet care sector felt like a natural fit to me.

“There’s a huge job to be done in this growing category with only six percent of Australians holding pet insurance. The unfortunate reality is that many Aussies don’t realise the significance of pet insurance until a substantial vet bill arrives and they face a very difficult decision.”

As the GapOnly proposition, which allows them to claim on the spot instead of waiting days for their claim to be processed, and they only pay the gap, is a relatively new concept in pet insurance, many existing consumers are not aware they have access to the service.

The campaign will showcase a clear call-to-action, and will help to build a better understanding of the service while positioning GapOnly as a leader within the field.

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