Greencross Pet Wellness Company has partnered with the Centre for Animal Referral and Emergency (CARE) in Melbourne.

Under the new partnership, CARE will join Greencross’ expanding veterinary network, while maintaining its brand identity and continuing to deliver specialist and emergency veterinary care to Melbourne pets.

Dr Guy Yates, founder of CARE and specialist in small animal surgery, said it took 15 months to find the right partner for the hospital.

“When searching for a partner, we wanted to ensure that not only were its values aligned with CARE’s, but that any potential partner had the ability to help CARE grow as a business, while continuing to provide the exceptional treatment and service to our clients and patients.

“We chose to partner with Greencross Pet Wellness Company as it brings a wide breadth of experience with its Specialty and Emergency hospitals, along with its network of GP clinics across Australia.”

Yates said they were also looking for a partner that can provide significant administrative support, freeing up the staff at CARE to focus on their core jobs as veterinarians and nurses.

CARE is one of Melbourne’s leading specialist and emergency veterinary hospitals featuring a team of 33 veterinarians, including six specialists.

George Wahby, CEO of Greencross, said he was thrilled to add CARE to Greencross’ veterinary network, making it the 22nd speciality and emergency hospital to join the organisation.

“We are confident that Greencross’ values and experience will help guide CARE through its next phase of growth. 

“With Greencross’ support, CARE veterinarians and vet nurses can continue to do what they do best by providing the best quality veterinary care for clients and pets in the Melbourne area.” 

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