Loving Pets’ latest release, Goat On A Rope, combines the dental benefits of a goat horn treat with the enrichment and interactive benefits of a toy rope.

With nothing else like it in Australia, the unique product provides a two-in-one opportunity for our four-legged friends. The goat horns are full of keratin rich proteins which promote a silky, shiny coat, and the need to gnaw on the goat horn can help effectively clean a dog’s teeth and gums by reducing plaque and tartar build-up.

Goat On A Rope, the ingenious name thought up by Mark Littler, also offers owners the ability to participate in interactive play with their dog. By incorporating a rope toy with a goat horn treat, the bond between owner and dog can be strengthened while also providing them with mental and physical stimulation.  

With impressive longevity and durability, there’s no need to worry that Goat On A Rope will be chewed up in the first day. Rope toys are typically sturdy and durable, making them suitable for rough play and extended use and when combined with a goat horn treat, the overall product tends to last longer, providing dogs with an extended period of enjoyment and chewing satisfaction.

Goat On A Rope is available directly from Loving Pets Australia, a largely wholesale company, that is frequently expanding its range and offering stores a wide variety of new products to select from.

The product has already received great feedback from numerous pet stores, made even more appealing by the RRP of $24.95, which offers retailers a 100 per cent mark up.

To stock Goat On A Rope or any of the other great products from the Loving Pets range please contact Loving Pets on 1300 475 090 or email sales@lovingpetsproducts.com.au. Visit lovingpetsproducts.com.au to check out all the products.

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