Smart Snout is a new UK app designed to help reunite lost owners with their pups by using the dogs’ unique nose prints to identify them.

The app is free to download, but if you want to register your dog’s details, you’ll pay £4.99 annually, where you will be able to register your dog’s basic information such as name, breed, colour, and of course the all-important nose picture.

Once that information is registered, if the dog is lost or stolen all the finder needs to do is scan the snout and they will be alerted to the dog’s identity and be able to reunite the dog with it’s owner.

Phil James, co-owner of Smart Snout and former police officer, came up with the idea after a spate of dog thefts across the UK.

“It’s free to download, it’s free to scan the dog, and we’re trying to push Smart Snout to everybody. So even if you’re a non-dog owner, and if you come across a dog that’s lost in the street you instantly scan the dog and reunite it with its owner.”

Since launching eight weeks ago, Smart Snout already has over 2000 subscribers, and even more downloads.