Smiley Dog uses plant extracts and coconut oil to keep your dog’s coat smelling great while causing no irritation or itchiness.

Launched in 2009 by Eva and Sarah Reid, they said that many colognes have a fake or manufactured aroma, and they wanted to create something different.

“We wanted to offer long lasting and natural pleasant aromas that are not too strong for the pet. Feedback from our customers’ shows this is the case. We add certified organic extracts to most of the colognes in the range so that they exactly match the corresponding Smiley Dog Shampoo and Conditioner.”

The cologne can be used on your dog to help manage the wet coat aroma, unpleasant smells between washes, and even on pet beds to help refresh the home.

“Pet colognes give everyone a chance to enjoy being together – now customers can invite friends and family around and the only comments about their dog’s smell will be ‘Oh I love the way his coat smells… what is it?’”

Smiley Dog cologne comes in a range of eight different scents, with Pacific Island Coconut and Witch Hazel extract with Strawberry, proving the most popular.