The National Retail Association (NRA) has announced Colin Fruk as its new National Relationships Manager.

Fruk’s experience and reputation as a successful and well-respected membership executive has seen him work with the American Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Qld (CCIQ).

Most notably, he was instrumental in CCIQ’s expansion, helping to represent small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic’s emergency reaction phase and more than doubling membership and revenue in just eight years.

Fruk said he is excited about the opportunity to work more specifically with retailers across Australia.

“The retail sector is the beating heart of our economy, giving jobs and financial security to so many Australians; it’s critical the industry has a voice which represents them accurately and the backing of a professionally-run association.

“I’ll be working across the NRA team to make sure members gets the advice and insights they need to give them every possible advantage, when the need it, to buck these predictions in 2023 and beyond.”

Fruk attributes his reputation as a collaborative, positive, and energetic leader over the course of his career to coming from a small business family.

“My old man was a small-time builder for more than 30 years, and while there were definitely good times in our household, there were plenty of tough times too. Working hard, keeping your word, and getting the best out of a team – these values drive retail success, and I’m counting on the same values to grow our association as well.”

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