With over 7,400 animals currently looking for a home, the Petspiration Foundation is encouraging Australians to adopt this National Pet Adoption Month.

Increasing cost of living, inflation, access to housing, and natural disasters are some of the causes leading to the surrenders of pets, with only a small percentage being surrendered due to behaviour.

Sherralea Cassidy, Petspiration Foundation’s Charity and Events Lead, says the charity is on a mission to have cats, large dogs, adolescent dogs and bonded pairs that can’t be separated, adopted as they remain the most vulnerable in 2023.

“All pets deserve a safe and loving home, and National Pet Adoption Month is the perfect opportunity to meet pets searching for a new family.”

Dr Kate Mornement, Animal Behaviourist, said many rescue pets have been house pets in the past and are already toilet trained with basic manners and just need to have existing desired behaviours reinforced and built on.

“Less than 10 per cent of animals are surrendered for behavioural reasons. These issues can be addressed in the shelter or foster home with the use of positive reinforcement training and good management. Often, when the animal is matched to a more suitable home, the problem behaviour resolves.

“I also encourage would-be rescue pet owners not to be put off by a large dog because you think it will need more exercise, as it is very much dependent on the breed, age, and individual personality of the dog. For those concerned about being in the office and leaving their pet, a bonded pair could be the answer as they have each other for company.”

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