Leadr Pet has released a range of soft-chew functional pet treats designed to address common health concerns in cats and dogs.

The direct-to-consumer start-up, founded by Asha Dillion, is focused on optimising and lengthening the lives of pets across the country. 

With a background as a nutritionist and supplement product developer, Dillion has applied the same evidence-based philosophy to develop supplements for pets as she would for humans. 

She said traditional treatments for common complaints, such as anxiety and stress, often involve prescriptions with unwanted side effects and synthetic ingredients.

“Millions of pets in Australia are on prescription medicine for anxiety, often with side effects and synthetic ingredients. At Leadr Pet, we’re tackling pet anxiety the natural way,” said Dillon.

SETTLE is Leadr’s supplement designed to naturally combat stress and anxiety in dogs. It works by calming the nervous system, therefore reducing symptoms like barking, marking and aggression. 

“I’ve worked in the wellness industry for 10 plus years, developing and launching vitamins for Australia’s biggest human vitamin brands. 

“As a qualified nutritionist and product developer, formulating potent natural medicines that focus on prevention before intervention is my wheelhouse.

“Our range of pet supplements come in the form of a soft chew – all made with clinically trialled ingredients, with kangaroo as a hypoallergenic base and nutrients such as pumpkin, sweet potato and kelp,” said Dillon. 

All Leadr starter packs come with a refillable treat tin made from sugar cane, not plastic, meaning they’re 100 per cent recyclable. 

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