Founded in 1988 by Len Miers, Petway Petcare still maintains its family roots but is considerably different from what it looked like in the early days.

What started with a vision to create premium pet grooming products, the company has evolved and expanded its offerings over the years, to include not only the shampoo, conditioner, and cologne ranges, but a wide variety of other products from flea and tick treatments to Soapy Moose accessories, and many more.

Tania Taylor, General Manager of Petway Petcare, said up until about 12 years ago the company was very much focused on supplying pet professionals such as groomers and mobile dog washers.

“Now we supply to a vast network of customers including our pet professionals but also vets, pet stores, produce stores, car washes, pharmacies, health food stores and more. It shows how we have expanded our client base. We also now export to many countries around the world, which I think is a testament to the quality of our products.”

The secret to the company’s longevity in the industry lies in its commitment to providing great products and excellent service, with a number of customers who started buying from Miers still purchasing products to this day.

Petway Petcare takes pride in its word-of-mouth reputation, with many new customers coming through recommendations from satisfied pet owners and professionals alike.

“We strive every day to offer premium products and provide exceptional customer service. We have an amazing team in the office to take orders or queries over the phone, giving customers a real person on the other end to help however they can.

“Orders leave us the same day and we keep at least three months stock on the shelves, so we are never out of stock and never have to place back orders for our clients. We are constantly complemented on our customer service and follow up and that really makes your day.”

Media personality Liz Cantor is an ambassador for Petway Petcare

Standing apart from competitors is no small feat, but Petway Petcare manages to do so through a combination of factors. Their highly concentrated shampoos set them apart, as a little goes a long way, resulting in excellent value for customers.

“While many would have a different opinion on this as everyone has their favourites, I think the product we are most well-known for is our Everyday Pink shampoo – this is one of our original formulas and is the original pink shampoo. We are probably on about version 15 by now as we are always tweaking our products to be the best. We estimate about 8,000 animals a day are washed with this one shampoo around the country.”

Petway Petcare’s dedication to innovation is evident through its ongoing research and development efforts, resulting in the launch of three to four new products each year. Recent additions include the Fragrance-Free Clarifying shampoo, specifically designed for customers and pets with fragrance allergies. The product has been a tremendous success, meeting the demands of a growing market segment.

“So many people and animals have allergies to fragrance and essential oils these days and can’t find anything decent on the market. We listened and created this product for these customers, and it is selling extremely well.”

With an impressive 35-year journey behind them, Petway Petcare continues to evolve, innovate, and provide exceptional products and service to pet owners and professionals alike.

“It feels amazing to have reached such a milestone in the business. I am sure we will be popping a few corks with the team.”

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