Just two years after launching, pet supplement company, PetWell, has secured online ranging at Chemist Warehouse.

Speaking to Pet Industry News, Ayda Hornak, Co-Founder and CCO of PetWell, explained that when they launched the business, their strategy was always to collaborate with pharmacies.

“Understanding the significance of rigorous due diligence in guaranteeing the safety and effectiveness of pet supplements, PetWell has partnered with Chemist Warehouse as a trusted channel for distributing our supplements and functional treats. By meeting the stringent requirements of pharmacies, PetWell reaffirms its commitment to delivering safe and reliable supplements that pet owners can trust.”

Hornak says they are delighted to reach this significant milestone for PetWell and that they are well prepared, with a scalable supply chain that will support the company’s growth moving forward.

“Our goal has always been clear: to provide pets with top-quality care through natural, human-grade supplements and functional treats. Partnering with pharmacies has been integral to achieving this goal, allowing us to reach more pet owners while maintaining our commitment to safety and efficacy.”

Having faced her own health challenges, Hornak understands the importance of good nutrition that is synthetic-free.

“Through my own journey with breast cancer, I quickly learned that food can be either medicine or poison. Therefore, it’s my personal mission to give pet parents the opportunity to easily integrate healthy supplements and treats made from real, humane-grade ingredients into their pets’ diets.”

Looking ahead, Hornak explained that PetWell will continue innovating and delivering premium supplements and functional treats that not only address the current needs of pets but also anticipate and adapt to future demands in pet healthcare.

“By staying at the forefront of research and development, PetWell is committed to introducing new and advanced formulations that further enhance the well-being and longevity of pets everywhere.”

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