The Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation (AWAMO) has presented Myroshnychenko Vasyl, Ukrainian Ambassador, with a bronze plaque and medallion honouring the animal heroes of the war.

Presented by Nigel Allsopp, President of AWAMO, at the Ukrainian Embassy in Canberra, the plaque and medallion will be dispatched to the Ukrainian Prime Minister for eventual display at an animal memorial.

AWAMO has also partnered with PETstock in helping to facilitate a delivery of over $500,000 of essential pet care supplies to animals impacted by the war in Ukraine. The shipment is currently sea-bound to Poland, where it will be distributed to warehouses along the Poland border and within Ukraine.

The Bear Sanctuary Domazhyr in Lviv, has already received funds from AWAMO to help their work in providing a species-appropriate home and lifelong care to brown bears abused as baiting bears, as well as providing funds via USA charity Fleet of Angels to help buy feed and supplies to horses affected by the war.

Alongside Nigel Allsopp of AWAMO, the following other animal and bravery associations have recognised the deeds and sacrifices animals have made and continue to endure during war – Andrew Kendall, National President of Australian Bravery Association, Ray Thomas, President of Australian of the Air Force Military Working Dog Association, Lawrence Watts, National President of the Australian Light Horse Association, and Greg Kakoschke, Chairman of the Australian National Pigeon Board.

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