The 2023 Royal Canin Vet Symposium which took place recently in Montpellier, France, is now available to be viewed in full online.

The two-day hybrid conference, which took place on 25 and 26 April, with a focus on veterinary nurses and technicians and nutrition, saw a range of international experts, veterinarians, vet nurses and technicians share their knowledge and the latest trends on time management in the clinic, growth, and pet nutrition.

Cécile Coutens, President of Global Royal Canin, expressed her gratitude to the vet nurses that made this possible, while making sure they felt welcome at the dedicated event.

“It is hard to work in this profession, and that is what we want to talk about. It is a profession that comes with a high level of stress, and, sometimes, a real lack of acknowledgment and recognition for your work and for the competency and skills that you bring into the practice.

“We really want, for once, to take care of the caregiver: to take care of your pain points, of your needs, of what you want and in return bring that support.”

The entire program, which is now available online, includes panel discussions, masterclasses, a media gallery, and in-clinic content.

It is free to access and is available now until July 2023 and can be accessed here.

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