The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) NSW is urgently seeking Guardian Angels to fund the safe shelter of 27,114 animals in care this festive season.

Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for the RSPCA NSW, as thousands of unwanted and neglected animals are abandoned in the leadup to the holidays.

Phoebe Brasher, Senior Manager of Fundraising for RSPCA NSW, said becoming a Guardian Angel is a rewarding experience that gives animals across the state a brighter future.

“To be a Guardian Angel is to give the gift of a better future to the dogs, cats, pocket pets, birds, and livestock who have a forever home on the top of their wish list.

“One out of every three animals that turn to the RSPCA each year will be spending the festive season in our shelters. By becoming a Guardian Angel, you are making a direct positive impact on their life now and answering their wish for a brighter future,” she said. 

According to RSPCA NSW, a donation of:

  • $29.00 could help provide a homeless cat with a warm bed, litter tray and toys 
  • $56.00 could help provide antibiotics for a homeless dog recovering from emergency surgery
  • $83.00 could help provide an x-ray for an abused animal in our care
  • $162.00 could help keep an inspector on the road fighting animal cruelty

All Guardian Angels receive a personalised thank you from the animal they’ve nominated to support. For those looking for gift ideas, you can donate on an animal-lovers behalf, and they’ll receive an e-card from the shelter animal they’re protecting.

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