Kip, a doggy day care and boarding service, is calling for dogs to be permitted on all modes of public transport in NSW.

Currently in NSW the ability of pets to travel on buses, light rail, ferries, and taxies, is up to the discretion of the driver and crew members, while pets are prohibited completely from travelling on trains and coaches.

Will Roxburgh, Managing Director at Kip, said this isn’t just about animal rights, it’s about the rights of more than half of Australians.

“Dogs are an integral part of people’s lives, and it is only right they should be allowed to accompany their owners in their day to day lives.”

Victoria and South Australia both allow small dogs to travel with their owners on trains, trams, and buses in a suitable container and larger dogs to travel with their owners on trains, provided they are on a lead and wearing a muzzle.

“Dog owners are facing a significant challenge with face-to-face work becoming the norm again. The last thing we need for pet parents is for there to be additional barriers to accessing essential animal services, such as doggy day care and veterinary treatment.”

As pet owners now account for 69 per cent of Australian households, Roxburgh said at Kip they have seen an influx of pet owners seeking doggy day care services, especially since the Covid puppy craze.

“However, with many owners relying on public transport for travel, the current restrictions are an unnecessary burden.”

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