Serotoninkc has launched a range of shampoos and conditioners that have been developed to meet the needs of specific dog breeds.

The range, which caters to 25 differed breeds, from silky curls and drop coats to squishy faces and white coats, has been developed to soothe and nourish sensitive skin.

Roxxie Myers, Founder and qualified chemist, developed the first products for her sensitive Boxer dogs, Karl and Charlie. After trying many diets, medications, and alternative grooming products in the market to address their itching and scratching, Myers decided to take the matter into her own hands with natural products made especially for their needs.

“Having a happy dog was my main goal when developing the first product, and for Karl and Charlie, it was a success,” she said.

In the first year of business, Serotoninkc has seen growth in independent pet stores, dog groomers, and online retailers such as Pet Circle.

While breed specific ranges have seen success with specialised dog groomers, especially those that cater to oodle breeds or thick double-coats, the Serotoninkc Ultra Sensitive ‘Nude’ range has also been well received by customers and dog groomers alike.

This article originally appeared in Pet Industry News magazine.

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