Even with the best of care, our modern-day horse’s experience stress. 

Competitions, strenuous work, transport, dental work, farrier visits, illness, long days competing or working, extreme heat and humidity, extreme cold, time off feed or other changes to your horse’s normal routine all cause some level of stress.

That stress can compromise gut health. Gut bacterial populations can shift. Your horse may eat less, they often stop drinking, muscles dehydrate and fatigue sets in. Performance suffers, leaky gut can develop, wellbeing is often compromised, and behaviour can become anxious and highly strung, making riding unsafe and unenjoyable.

Many ‘stress’ supplements on the market are a ‘Band-Aid’ approach. They only serve to cover up the symptoms of stress and in some way attempt to ‘calm’ the horse, but Stress Paste is different. 

Stress Paste supports a horse’s gut and muscle physiology in a way that helps them directly deal with stress. And in helping a horse cope with stress, we can reduce the impact of stress on behaviour. 

When your horse’s microbiome gets out of balance, we start to see: Reduced fibre digestion, weight loss, increased risk of colic, reactive behaviour, vitamin deficiency, loss of appetite, poor hoof quality, poor immune function, disrupted hormone production, and higher stress.

Stress Paste is designed to specifically address each of these responses to stress and to keep the horse eating and hydrated with well-functioning, well protected muscles. This is why it is complete with so many ingredients. Stress Paste is also designed to support the gut so it and its bacteria can remain healthy during higher stress periods.

If you are interested in stocking Stress Paste please contact info@poseidonanimalhealth.com.au.

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