Bay St Vets in Tweed Heads has a team of women that are rewriting the veterinary rules by offering an unwavering commitment to balance.

That balance comes in the way of team dynamics, their approach to pet care, and their connection to the community.

Founded by Dr Charlotte Witty, who is currently managing the clinic while juggling the demands of a newborn baby, the clinic aims for their clients to see them as more than white coats behind a counter, but as friends, confidants, and fellow pet lovers.

The team includes Tess Nolan, a veterinary nurse who also boasts a social media following of over 400,000 across multiple media streams. Most of those followers are like minded animal lovers working within the veterinary industry. With her vast online presence and uplifting, positivity focused initiatives, she’s bringing a breath of fresh air to the often-stressful veterinary industry.

“Work shouldn’t be something we dread. It should be something we love, something that complements our lives.”

Veterinary mental health is a continuous challenge in the industry, with research conducted by the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) in 2021 showing that 66.6 per cent of veterinarians stated they have or are experiencing a mental health condition.

Working in an environment where animals are in crisis and owners are sometimes under financial constraint and unable to afford the means of healthcare required can be incredibly draining on those working in the clinic, so a manageable work-life balance can go some way toward assisting with this.

Lily Papas is another member of the team that manages a busy lifestyle as both a veterinary nurse and a renowned singer-songwriter. Papas displays Bay St Vets commitment to affording its staff a quality work-life balance.

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