Classic names, such as Luna and Milo, top the list of trending dog names in Australia, and we also welcome some first timers to the list.

Pet Insurance Australia has compiled a list of 2022’s top pet names, for both male and female cats and dogs.

Nadia Crighton, Pet Insurance Australia, said it is lovely to explore these lists each year to see the current trends with pet names.

“It’s great to see some classic names topping the lists alongside some unique choices, while some names are clearly making a comeback in 2022.” 

Newcomers to the dog list are Ziggy and Murphy, who appear for the first time, while for cats there are some interesting choices such as Chino, Angel, and Biscuit, while the Audrey is making a resurgence.

“These names are for pets born in 2022, so it gives us a really good snapshot of the current trending names Australians are choosing to name their beloved fur babes.” 

Top 10 Dog Names  – Female 

  1. Luna 
  2. Daisy 
  3. Bella 
  4. Ruby 
  5. Coco 
  6. Molly 
  7. Nala 
  8. Lola 
  9. Winne 
  10. Maggie 

Top 10 Dog Names – Male 

  1. Milo 
  2. Teddy 
  3. Archie 
  4. Charlie 
  5. Buddy 
  6. Murphy 
  7. Ollie 
  8. Alife 
  9. Leo 
  10. Ziggy 

Top 10 Names Cats – Female 

  1. Luna 
  2. Pepper 
  3. Maple 
  4. Winnie 
  5. Angel 
  6. Audrey 
  7. Baby 
  8. Biscuit 
  9. Candy 
  10. Charlotte 

Top 10 Names Cats – Male 

  1. Ollie 
  2. Archie 
  3. Charlie 
  4. Chino 
  5. Floyd 
  6. Loki 
  7. Sam 
  8. Snowy 
  9. Teddy 
  10. Ziggy 

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