The brainchild of fashion executive Jo Goldman, THEANIMALS is a newly launched species-fluid fashion brand selling runway-inspired accessories suitable for pets and their owners.

Unbounded by the traditional notions of gender and species, the range challenges fashion rules and societal norms that separate humans and animals.

“THEANIMALS is the world’s first species-fluid fashion brand, challenging the rules that have traditionally divided animals and their humans,” says Goldman.

She continues: “THEANIMALS is for people who love fashion and great design and want to share their personal style with their much-loved pets.”

Taking the idea of gender inclusivity to the next level, the initial Resort 2023 line from the brand includes a range of leather goods and jewellery available in three sixes appropriate for humans, dogs and cats.

Playing on the idea that owners and their pets often grow to resemble one another, the initial campaign developed with fashion photographer Georges Antoni, features the collection modelled on human and animal subjects.

Goldman says she saw an opportunity in the market for a brand allowing pet owners the opportunity to extend their personal sense of style to include their four-legged friends.

Taking some time to reflect during the 2020 lockdowns, Goldman says she was increasingly aware of the negative impact of fashion manufacturing and corporate behaviours on the natural world.

To combat this, she decided to create a line that brought together her three great passions – fashion, the environment and, of course, animals.

The hero piece from the collection is a smoking collar inspired by the collar of a classic men’s tuxedo shirt. Designed for special occasions, like weddings, the high-quality accessory allows much-loved pets to look the part on the special day.

Some animalistic instincts though cannot be humanised, and for these moments, the line includes a caca sac (yes, that’s French for poo bag) crafted from A-grad Nappa leather with custom brass hardware so you can clean up after your pet in style.

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