Unions NSW have released the top ten most frequently asked questions employees have regarding their rights at work during a pandemic.

The questions include what to say if you’re Covid positive, how to refuse unsafe duties, and how to convert annual leave to sick leave, and are provided with responses on how to deal with such matters.

Thomas Costa, Unions NSW Assistant Secretary, said it’s a tough conversation standing up to your boss, but it’s much easier when you know the rules.

“We are so frequently asked the same questions we decided to put all the answers in the one place so casuals juggling different jobs and time poor students can get a quick guide to dealing with difficult situations in real time.”

The top questions include:

Can I convert annual leave to sick leave?

A. Yes, if you are full time and if you tell your employer as soon as practicable. You may be asked to provide a doctor’s certificate.

If I’m positive, do I have to work?

A. Your employer can’t force you to work if you are sick or in isolation.

I live with my elderly mother who has covid, do I have to work?

A. You will qualify for carers leave if you are full time. Casuals should consult their union.

Access the full list of questions here.