Bark & Beyond was founded in 2022 with a passion for manufacturing only the highest-quality Australian-made dog treats.

Produced using locally sourced ingredients and supporting local farmers, Bark & Beyond treats contain no preservatives, no additives, and no fillers, keeping them natural and affordable.

Nathan Grainger, General Manager and Founder of Bark & Beyond, explains how his passion for producing top quality and affordable dog treats, has led the business to invest heavily into its facilities in Wilberforce and North Richmond NSW, to create an expansive logistics network that can deliver unparalleled service to businesses around Australia.

“Not only are our products of the highest quality standard and affordable, they are also backed by our 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee so you can confidently sell products that your customers will be satisfied with every time,” he says.

“We have recently increased to multiple ovens for dehydrating various pet treats, meaning we can help your business grow – so contact us today.”

To find out more contact Bark & Beyond on 02 4576 9700 or email or visit 

This article originally appeared in the Autumn issue of Pet Industry News magazine.