The Petstock Foundation is hosting its national Home Town Heroes initiative to raise awareness and financial support for grassroot partner organisations.

As not-for-profits experience a higher demand for their services due to rising interest rates, inflation, and other costs of living, there has been a significant decrease in financial donations and volunteer time, with a recent report showing that about 50 per cent of not-for-profit organisations are making a loss or barely breaking even.

Sherralea Cassidy, Operations Lead for the Petstock Foundation, has spoken to charities across the country about the challenges they’re facing.

“We’re hearing donations are dwindling and smaller enterprises are at risk of becoming overburdened as people prioritise their spending, which in turn is impacting local communities reliant on ongoing financial support, volunteer programs and resourcing help.”

Through a dedicated donation program and the assistance of animal lovers nationwide, the Home Town Heroes initiative seeks to generate over $100,000, in addition to a $50,000 pledge from Petstock, for its charity partners who are most in need.

“For this year’s Home Town Heroes campaign and for the first time ever, Petstock stores across the country have been given the opportunity to individually select their very own local grassroots charity hero which often gets overlooked in place of larger state-based charities.

“This means that more of the money raised will have an impact that can be seen and felt locally, which allows us to connect with our communities by directly helping the people and pets in need.”

Cassidy explained that donations to grassroots charities are more important than ever and that every little bit counts in helping their partner charities empower a better future for it s people and pets most in need in their local communities.

“In these challenging times, donations to grassroots charities are more important than ever. Every act of kindness makes a significant difference to the wonderful work they do by providing financial assistance to continue running their specialised services – such as educational programs, safe shelter, companion animal management care, food, product, veterinary care and other community support.”

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